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Spend less time on chores and more time in the saddle

Smart Barn?

A Smart Barn is one that provides its owners comfort, security, efficiency (energy and labor) and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is in the barn or not.

At Smart Barn Technologies, we are here to help you get the most out of your new or remodel barn build by utilizing our years of technology experience and practical experience in creating smart barns. We can help you envision and plan your smart barn build by eliminating the guess work taking on this effort. Then we can help you imagine and utilize these smart technologies in your operation, which end up saving you time and money along with a huge sense of security.

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Less chores and more time in the saddle.

Isn't that suppose to be the goal? We've spent time so you don't have to figure this out.


If you're building a new barn or remodeling and are thinking about adding some smart technologies, let us reduce the stress about the things you're not thinking about.


Whether you need some quick advice or help with the bigger picture, we can help advise and move you in the right direction.

Site Visit

Ever feel you are stuck or out of ideas, we can come and do a site visit and give the project a kick in the pants.


Probably one of our strongest skills. If you want the project done right and on-time, we'll create a plan to succeed.

Spend more time with the ones you love

Smart Ideas

Our goal is to bring the most promising technologies to your farm and ranch that gives you control over the operations and time back like you've never had before.


It's hard to imagine, but technology is here to help you manage the farm and reduce labor costs.


Using technology to turn a 9 month, dirty and smelly process into a clean 30 to 60 days fertilizer for pastures.

Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting and heating technology can give you control and insights, ultimately reducing costs.


Beside securing your property, you can also know what all your animals are up to in the stalls and pastures.

Smart Barn App

Walk into your barn and have total control over everything farm related. No barn should be without.


A smart watering solution is the best idea. Not only saves money, but save a lot of time too.

We've done the research.

We have hundreds and hundreds of hours into the planning and building of our Smart Barn. If you're building a new barn, we know we can provide value and reduce the stress in building.

Build something that lasts a lifetime


Yep, I know what I am talking about.

I’ve spent over 25 years in the software industry working for companies like Microsoft and creating my own technology companies. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies providing services in helping them get the most out of their business. But, I come from a long family history of farmers and I wanted an opportunity to go back to the barn.

When my wife and I decided to build a barn from the ground up, I wanted to build it so I spent less time doing chores and more time in the saddle. I did a lot of deep research where I spent literally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on research on how to build a clean, healthy and productive barn for my horses.

All these experiences lead me to planning and adding smart technologies into my barn. My barn has become a showcase of smart innovations that are possible on the farm and ranch. I would love an opportunity to help you get the most out of your investment too.

Other Smart Barn Technology Offerings

The Equestrian App

Helping People Help Horses

If you have horses, you should have this app in connecting everyone around the care and enjoyment of the horse.

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It's about the functionality of it

Seriously, you shouldn't have to work in your barn, your barn should work for you.

don't build that barn alone, we can help


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