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I think we are all familiar with the static white board that is in the barn. It’s out of date the moment you write something on it. Well, we just took that old white board and made it SMART and connected others directly to it. We visited many of our members of The Equestrian App and created an app that helps you manage important tasks in and around the barn.

It’s like the lcd panels you see in all these new smart homes, but one that is made specifically for your barn. And, it connects others directly to it via their mobile phones keeping everyone in sync’d in what is going on in the barn. We are helping you utilize these smart technologies in your operation, saving you time and money, and providing you with a greater sense of security too.

Our goal is to bring the most promising technologies to your farm and ranch that gives you control over the chores and gives you time back.

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More Features

Simply put, there has never been an app to help you get more out of your barn and ranch


One tap access to your important contacts


Ever wish you had your phone calendar on the wall? Now you do


Track your equipment and maintenance records

Project List

Already forgetting your tasks? We've got you covered


We have the largest network of service providers

Animals and more

Manage your herd and more. There is so much more to be discovered

Highlighted People, Ranches and Businesses

Below we are highlighting some of the great people and businesses using the Smart Barn App in their daily equine lifestyles.


Like a lot of us, we have some old iPads laying around and can be repurposed to be used in a barn. I recommend getting a ruggedized cover for the iPad and you can also purchase some specialized hangers that can be attached to your walls in the barn.
Smart Barn is just one in a series of applications from us. If you're familiar with The Equestrian App, well your id will also work there. We have one account that you create that will work across many of our apps.
Several times are year we will be adding new features to your Smart Barn. If there is something special you are looking for, just drop us a note. We are always listening!
You bet! We are adding new features every month for your equine business. Is there something special we can add? Just send us a note, we are listening!
No, we are not Facebook. Your data is encrypted and only available to you and those who you choose to share it with.

The Horsemen

We may have started with an idea, but it is the larger equine community that have provided the great suggestions to make this app a reality. Enjoy the ride!

  • User
    Patrick Husting

    Over 25 years in the software industry has lead Patrick "Back to the Ranch" and connecting the equine industry

  • User
    Fiona - Ia Reina Del Alba
    Focus Group Lead

    Fiona, along with Dusty and Maverick, are the inspiration for this app. They test in exchange for treats too.

  • User
    Adam Husting
    UI/UX Designer

    Adam has worked in design for several years, and believes that a simple lifestyle should be reflected in design.

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  • User
    Smart Barn
    It's like having FREE labor

    Our goal is to bring the most promising technologies to your farm and ranch that gives you control over the operations and time back.